Programm / Программа

 May 22, Monday

9.15 Opening Session
9.45 Sitenko Memorial Lecture by Paul VANDENPLAS
Plenary Session 1
10. 15 Hans WILHELMSSON Fusion and Cosmos 11.00 Coffee Break
Topical Review Session Al
11.30 Michael KRAEMER Anomalous helicon wave absorption and
parametric excitation of electrostatic fluctuations in a helicon-produced
12.00 Victor DECYK UPIC: A framework for massively parallel PIC
Topical Review Session Bl
11.30 Predhiman K. KAW Intermittency like phenomena in plasma
12.00 Guido VAN OOST Experimental and theoretical investigations of the
role of microturbulence and electric fields in the establishment of improved
confinement in tokamak plasmas through inter-machine comparisons
12.30 Lunch Break
Oral Session Al
14.00 A004 Dirk CALLEBAUT Non-linear Fourier stability analysis 14.20 A005 Nikolay EROKHIN The charges acceleration due to parametric Interaction with the ensemble of electrostatic waves of finite amplitude 14.40 A006 Robert DEWAR Zonal flow generation by modulational instability
15.30 А007 George MORALES AlfVenic phenomena triggered by resonant
absorption in a magnetized plasma
15.50 A008 Anna FRANK Structure and dynamics of current sheets in 3D
magnetic fields with the X line and manifestations of two-fluid plasma
16.10 A009 Volodymyr MYKHAILENKO Kinetic theory of the stability of
the inhomogeneous plasmas with shear flows
Oral Session Bl
14.00 B001 Roman SCHRITTWIESER Measurements of fluctuations with
probes in the edge region of various toroidal plasmas
14.20 B002 Ivan DURAN Hall sensors – diagnostic approach to
magnetometry in present fusion devices and ITER
14.40 B004 Stephane HEURAUX Reflectometry capabilities for the density
fluctuation measurements in magnetized plasmas illustrated by Tore Supra
15.00 Coffee Break
15.30 B006 Alexander IVANOV New effects in physics of modern mirrors 15.50 B007 Kenjii TANAKA Experimental study of anomalous particle transport and microturbulence in LHD
Oral Session Cl
14.00 C001 Igor ANISIMOV Inhomogeneous plasma profile deformation due to the modulated electron beam
14.20 C004 Jorge PEREZ-PERAZA Different types of plasma turbulence in the process of solar particle acceleration: new models and observations 14.40 C005 Maria-Virginia ALVES Geomagnetic response and interplanetary aspects of the Sun-Earth connection events on April 1999 and February 2000 15.00 Coffee Break
15.30 C006 Ben McMILLAN Parallel electron and perpendicular ion energisation via lower hybrid waves
15.50 C007 Iver CAIRNS Electron acceleration due to lower hybrid waves in magnetic reconnection regions
16.10 С008 Raoul TRINES Wave collapse of drift mode turbulence into zonal flow cavitons
Oral Session Dl
14.00 D001 Vyacheslav KARAS4 Interaction of microwave radiation
undergoing stochastic phase jumps with plasmas or gases
14.20 D003 Vyacheslav TSIOLKO Component content of active particles
in plasma-chemical reactor based on a volume barrier discharge
14.40 D004 Joao de SOUZA Experimental study of the particle dynamincs
in a Plasma Hall Thraster through optical spectroscopy
15.00 Coffee Break
15.30 D005 Stephane PELLERIN Experimental study of a MIG-MAG welding arc
15.50 D006 Leopoldo SOTO X-ray emission from an ultra miniature pinch focus discharge operating at 0.1 Joule: Nanofocus
14.00 – 18.00 Poster Session I (15.00 Coffee Break)
A014 V. SHTYK Cumulant expansions for solutions of the quantum
BBGKY hierarchy
A023 P. KURBATOV Jumps in current, shock waves, and hysteresis
phenomena in low- pressure gas D.C. discharge plasma
A031 M MEHDIPOOR Propagation of large amplitude ion acoustic waves
in a plasma consisting of two temperature electrons and electron beam
A034 M. TARASOV The observation of Landau damping and diocotron
echoes in a pure electron plasma
A035 D. SYTNYKOV The phenomena of electron charge ejection on the
drift chamber wall during the hot electron beam transportation
A040 A. ESFANDYARI Electrostatic mode envelope excitations in warm
pair ion plasmas with a small fraction of stationary positive ions –
application in e-p-i and doped fullerene plasmas

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