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Computer simulations of the Grain Charge Fluctuations in Dusty Plasmas

T.Bystrenko, O.Bystrenko and A.Zagorodny
Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, 14b Metrolohichna st., 03143 Kiev, Ukraine
Abstract. The properties of grain charge fluctuations in dusty plasmas are studied by means of the microscopic Brownian
dynamics simulations and on the basis of the drift-diffusion approach. It is found that these properties are close to the ones
typical for systems being in the thermodynamic equilibrium. The simulations evidence that the correlations of fluctuations
decrease exponentially with time while the correlation time is proportional to the squared Debye length. Within a wide range
of parameters, the charge variance is found to be close to the inverse coupling parameter.
Keywords: dusty plasmas, Brownian dynamics simulations
PACS: 52.25.Vy, 52.27.Lw
In recent decade, dusty plasmas (DP) attracted increasing attention as the objects with rich collective properties. The
strong coupling in the subsystem of the charged grains responsible for the formation of ordered structures in DP is
a result of a very high grain charge, typically, on the order of

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