Influence Of Centrifugal And Radiation Reaction Forces On Dynamics Of Relativistic Charged Particles Moving In The Magnetospheres Of The Rotating Astrophysical Objects

G.T. Dalakishvili, A.D.Rogava† and V.I. Berezhiani
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Plasma Physics
Department, 3, Chavchavadze Ave., Tbilisi, 0128, Georgia.
†Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory, 2a, Kazbegi Ave. Tbilisi-0160, Georgia.
Institute of Physics, The Georgian Academy of Science, 6, Tamarashvili st., Tbilisi, 0177 Georgia.
Abstract. Astrophysical objects such as pulsars and Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) are characterized with the wide spectrum
of the emission: from radio emission to the g-ray emission. At least in three blazars the emission extended up to TEV energies
is observed [18]. The considered mechanisms of the high energetic emission’s formation, requires existence of the relativistic
charged particles with the Lorentz factors: 103

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