The Scattering and Transformation Processes in Magnetized Plasma with Pump

V. N. Pavlenko and V. G. Panchenko
Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Prospekt Nauki, 47, Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
Abstract. The scattering and transformation cross-sections of high-frequency waves in magnetized plasmas with pump
by the electron density fluctuations are calculated. It is shown that both can be enhanced with respect to scattering from
thermal fluctuations.
Keywords: scattering, transformation, pump wave, density fluctuations.
PACS: 52.35-g
Of prime importance is the role understanding of the fluctuations play in scattering theory since a completely
uniform medium can not scatter radiation and any scattering occurs due to the presence of density fluctuations.
In the present paper we investigate the scattering of a transverse electromagnetic wave by turbulent density
fluctuations in an inhomogeneous magnetized plasma with lower hybrid parametric instability. The plasma
inhomogenity is defined by an exponential density gradient when the distribution function is proportional to
exp(α′y), where α′ = (1/no)(dno/dy) is the plasma inhomogenity parameter. We suppose that the plasma is subjected
to a magnetic field B0 = B0 z
ur r
and a pump wave field E0 = E0 y cosω0t
ur ur
with the frequency
2 1/2

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